The Sonnenberg-Kreis e. V. is an independent and non-profit making organisation of international out-of-school education in Europe. Its conference centre, the International House Sonnenberg, receives thousands of visitors every year from all over the world, at events for adults, young people and families. The centre also runs educational-leave seminars, in-service training courses and specialist seminars, for example on educational and social themes.

Conferences focus on human rights, peace, solidarity, social responsibility. With the help of public subsidies - although Sonnenberg is politically and ideologically independent - participants of different national, ethnic-cultural and social origins and of different ideological background discuss cultural and social issues, the economy and the environment, work and leisure, present-day political as well as historical questions. Sonnenberg work is characterised by a great variety of participant-orientated methods. Because of the location of the conference centre in the forest of the Harz National Park, environmental questions also play an important role in the programme. In addition to the conferences run under the auspices of Sonnenberg, guest events of other organisations and visiting groups are run at the conference centre. Organisational and educational support is offered to them upon request.

As a non-profit-making organisation Sonnenberg exclusively pursues educational and cultural aims. Its activities serve the promotion of international and intercultural understanding.

Sonnenberg is not only a conference centre but also an association of members from all over the world. 700 members belong to the Sonnenberg-Kreis e.V. (SK) in Germany. In a very practical sense members help Sonnenberg to realise its work of international understanding. They regularly receive Sonnenberg programmes and publications. Affiliated associations in 23 countries form the International Sonnenberg Association (ISA). These groups support the aims of Sonnenberg by sending participants, speakers and chairpersons to conferences in the Harz and by organising their own conferences.



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