Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung


The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is a DIE LINKE*-affiliated federal foundation of political education. It is committed to the aims and values of leftist movements and trends in Germany and of democratic Socialism. It is active in the following fields:

  • political education
  • social politics
  • development politics
  • feminist politics
  • ecology

The Foundation organises political seminars, symposia, conferences and projects abroad, partly in cooperation with others.

The Foundation's academic service grants university and post-graduate scholarships, financed by, and complying with regulations on, appropriated funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The scholarships are granted irrespective of the nationality of candidates. The promotion of women is seen as a priority.

In addition, the Foundation supports political education projects and measures. Both scholarships and projects must correspond with the Foundation's political convictions and commitment.

The Foundation is also active abroad and organises work projects, conferences and seminars aiming to promote social and democratic developments in a number of countries. In doing so, it cooperates with trade unions, NGOs, women's organisations, social movements, research and educational institutions, international organisations and politicians. A number of projects are part-financed by the Federal Ministry of Economic Co-operation (BMZ) the Foreign Office.

The reference library and the Archive of Democratic Socialism document subjects like political education, the theory and history of leftist movements in Germany as well as the activities of the Foundation itself. A virtual library lists publications on the various projects. In addition, the Foundation publishes a number of serial publications and the magazine "LUXEMBURG".

[*DIE LINKE: the new party which has arisen from the union of the PDS and the WASG]

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Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung


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