Otto Benecke Foundation (OBS, reg. ass.)


The OBS runs educational programmes (including post-graduate) with the aim of integrating immigrants into German society. The target groups are the late re-settlers from the former USSR, asylum seekers and quota refugees of up to 30 years of age who wish to study or continue to study at university. Their in-tegration into schools, professions and society in general may be subsidised according to the guidelines set up by the -> BMFSFJ. Integration measures in-clude initial consulting; information seminars; German language courses; qualifying programmes for university studies and general seminars parallel to all these measures.

For those late re-settlers of up to 50 years of age who have completed a uni-versity education in their countries of origin that is not recognised, or cannot be used professionally, in Germany, the -> BMBF subsidises further training or post-graduate studies. These include information seminars, complementary language and other courses, and professional upgrading training.

Otto Benecke Foundation (OBS, reg. ass.)


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