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The Orient Institute in Istanbul (OII) is an independent research institution mandated by the Max Weber Foundation / Deutsche Geisteswissenschaftliche Institute im Ausland. Established in 1989, the Orient Institute in Istanbul (OII) initially functioned as a branch of the Orient Institute in Beirut (OIB), and became an independent academic institution in 2009. The Orient Institute in Beirut (OIB), for its part, originally was established by the German Oriental Society (DMG) with the support of the then Federal Ministry of Research and Technology (BMFT, today BMBF), the Fritz Thyssen Foundation and the Volkswagen Foundation.

The Orient Institute in Istanbul (OII) carries out historical and contemporary research on Islamic, Mediterranean and Turkish cultures (Turcology and the Ottoman period).

Priority subjects of the OI in Istanbul are:

  • basic research and studies in the plurality of Turkish languages and peoples
  • Ottoman history and the dynamic development of the region
  • minorities in the Ottoman Empire
  • migration

In particular the OI in Istanbul:

  • does basic research in the fields of Turkish, Ottoman, Central Asian, Islamic and Iranian studies with a view to promoting co-operation between local and foreign researchers
  • coordinates research projects and holds conferences on related subjects
  • conducts a range of projects on social, religious, intellectual history and politics as well as the study of literature and languages of the Middle East and Central Asia
  • provides assistance to guest researchers with regards to access to archives, libraries and other academic/historical institutions
  • handles requests for and procures scientific research material and makes available the library stocks on oriental subjects

The OI's library in Istanbul holds a stock of about 37000 volumes and 1400 academic journals (Ottoman, Turkish and other languages). The stock of the OI's library in Istanbul is also accessible via the Institute's Online-Public-Acess-Catalogue.

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