Orient Institute Beirut


The Orient Institute in Beirut (OIB) is an independent research institution mandated by the foundation German Institutes of the Humanities Abroad (DGIA). It carries out historical and contemporary research on the Middle East and the arab world. The OIB was founded in 1961 by the German Oriental Society (Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft, DMG) wit the support of the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology, the Fritz Thyssen Foundation and the Volkswagen Foundation. In 1987, during the Lebanese civil war, the German staff was relocated to Istanbul. Initially operating as a branch of the Beirut institute, in 2009 the Orient-Institute in Istanbul became an independent academic institution.

  • Research
  • actors in times of change
  • power and legitimacy
  • knowledge and the public sphere
  • urban and rural development and the problems of urbanization in the Middle East
  • Research liberary

The OI's library in Beirut holds a stock of 130,000 volumes and 1,700 academic journals. The stock of the OI's library in Beirut is also accesible via the Institute's Online-Public-Acess-Catalogue.

Periodical Publications


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