Missio has remained a grassroots movement to this day. Counting all the 110 member countries, this 'Papal charity for spreading the faith' is not only the biggest citizens' initiative, but also the largest relief agency world-wide run on donations.

Activities in detail:

  • training and supporting native priests, catechists (lay helpers) and nurses in Africa, Asia and the Pacific; giving financial support to individual projects overseas
  • sharing of experiences with Young Churches abroad, e.g. presenting social models overseas
  • placing visitors from Africa, Asia and the Pacific with parishes and groups in Germany for discussions and sharing ideas and experiences

The Missionswissenschaftliche Institut Missio e.V. (registered association: Institut Missio of Missionary Science) promotes higher education and research in Catholic missionary services. Co-operating with twenty universities and 225 university departments and theological colleges, the institute grants scholarships and commissions research.

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