Literary Colloquium Berlin


The Literary Colloquium Berlin (LCB), founded by Walter Höllerer in 1963, is an event forum and a guest house, a workplace and a talent pool for writers and translators. With its funding programmes, its project initiatives and the magazine “Language in the Technical Age“, the LCB enjoys the reputation of an institution of international presence.

Readings, workshops for authors and translators, and guests from all over the world make the house at the Wannsee a place of lively literary occupation. Since 1989, a focus of the LCB’s programmatic work is exchange with the countries of Central- and Eastern Europe.

Long-termed cooperations (e. g. Deutschlandfunk, Goethe Institute, Leipzig book fair, Robert Bosch foundation) guarantee a continuous literary mediation beyond language borders.

The LCB is seat and foundation place of the German Translation Fund,, of the literary information portal, and of the HALMA network which connects literary centres throughout Europe.

LCB affords with the web portal the possibility to listen to literary events and to download them.

Literary Colloquium Berlin


Literarisches Colloquium Berlin
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