Karl Kübel Stiftung für Kind und Familie


The Foundation supports parents and families in different cultures to ensure full development of the children; it subsidises child- and family-friendly environments.

Activities and goals in detail:

  • assisting parents and children, multiplicators and professionals through educational programmes to further personal and professional development and the ability to live in harmonious relationships
  • helping families-through planning and comprehensive consultancy on costing and technology-to build their own simple, cost-effective homes
  • development aid co-operations in India, the Philippines and Kosovo, improvement in living conditions of the very poor; contributions to increase social justice and enhance consciousness of global responsibility
  • supporting initiatives aimed at a child- and family-friendly society; networking and raising public awareness of matters related to current family policies.

The Karl Kübel Foundation acts as a co-ordination centre for the Bensheimer Kreis (Bensheim Circle) founded in 1976 as an association of German development-aid NGOs. At present, it lists almost forty registered charities active in various fields of development aid and co-operation as its members. Parallel to its work in the 'Third World', the Foundation runs educational programmes on development policies.

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Karl Kübel Stiftung für Kind und Familie


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