Internationaler Rat für Denkmalpflege (ICOMOS)


The German national ICOMOS committee connects institutions and individual persons who are interested in the conservation of monuments, architectural ensembles as well as other objects and areas worthy of preservation. The German ICOMOS committee advises conservationist institutions and promotes public awareness of this work with the following measures:

  • preparation and organi-sation of international colloquia and symposia on questions of monument protection and preservation
  • publication of proceedings and of important basic papers on monument preservation
  • cooperation with other national commissions, ICOMOS International Scientific committees and different national bodies, e.g. the Vereinigung der Landesdenkmalpfleger (Union of Regional Conservationists), the German UNESCO Commission, and the German National Committee for Monument Preservation; co-operation with international organisations active in the field, i.e. the UNESCO, ICCROM and the European Council
  • monitoring of and information service about the German 'treasures' on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Internationaler Rat für Denkmalpflege (ICOMOS)


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