Internationaler Museumsrat (ICOM)


One of the responsibilities of ICOM Germany is to interconnect museum institutions and individual experts concerned with the classical museum tasks of collecting, storing, exhibiting and communicating our cultural heritage. In particular, the Council aims to further and facilitate international exchange in the field.

In addition, ICOM Germany acts as a special consultant for various federal, regional and local agencies, but also for other institutions involved in the field and private individuals who are amateurs of monument preservation. ICOM Germany contributes to focusing public attention on the work done by and in museums.

ICOM Germany activities in detail:

  • supporting members' participation in the work of the international ICOM committees
  • supporting conferences of these international committees in Germany
  • running a co-operation programme (since 1993) with the national ICOM committees in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria
  • keeping in touch with national committees also in other countries than the ones listed above
  • promoting international exchanges between German and foreign ICOM members
  • organising (for two decades) a triennial international symposium at Lake Constance in co-operation with the Austrian and Swiss committees and publishing the proceedings
  • working with other interest groups like the German Federation of Museums, the regional museum and museum guides associations, museum trainees and other organisations
  • publishing several newsletters for members every year
  • representing the interests of museums in political and public life
Internationaler Museumsrat (ICOM)


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