Internationale Journalistenprogramme (IJP)


The IJPs' aim is to promote the knowledge and understanding of foreign politics, economies and cultures among promising young journalists. The IJPs' activities are carried out by its active members, themselves journalists. Further funds come from public institutions and private sponsors. Well-known German and American curators also support this work. The IJPs is an independent registered charity under German law.

The IJPs support highly qualified journalists, editors, reporters and free-lance writers who contribute to all the media (print, television, radio, online) and are between 23 and 40 years old.

Journalists supported by the IJPs are able to gather professional experience and information and to link up with foreign colleagues through international exchange grants, seminars, study trips and press conferences.

Every year German and foreign journalists alternately receive over one hundred scholarships from the IJPs. The fellows work for at least six weeks as visiting editors in foreign editorial offices of their choice and at the same time as foreign correspondents for their own medium. More than 1800 scholarship holders joined these programme already.

The IJPs organise research trips to countries and regions like Turkey, Israel, Sweden or Brussels to visit institutions and facilities of the European Union and NATO.

Internationale Journalistenprogramme (IJP)


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