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The ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) promotes cultural exchange to assist peoples, nations and religions in learning from one another and living together peacefully. Cultures are changeable, movable and permeable, yet they are also conservative and restrictive. They can cause conflicts, but they can also transform and resolve conflicts.

Cultural exchange means commitment to peace. We are committed to achieving peace and justice, protecting human livelihoods and cultures and attaining a united Europe. Human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of information are objectives and cornerstones of our work.

Dialogue reveals cultural diversity as a valuable asset. Dialogue involves all people equally in shaping our future – in a process that is both open and meaningful. That is why we strive to bring people closer together.

ifa initiates intercultural dialogue. A broad array of exhibitions, meetings, dialogues and conferences promotes exchange in arts and culture. Our conflict resolution programme helps build and maintain peaceful societies. Support projects for cultural minorities foster cultural diversity.

ifa is Germany’s international cultural and educational relations body, providing a link between practical issues arising in the field and the world of scholarship as well as the media. We initiate, analyse, moderate and document debates on international cultural relations.

ifa gives people worldwide the opportunity to find out more about Germany. Exchange programmes, exhibitions, books and magazines, lectures and visitors’ programmes offer innovative perspectives from contemporary Germany.

The ifa is supported financial by the Federal Foreign Office, the State of Baden-Wurttemberg and its capital, the City of Stuttgart. The ifa is also active in a wide variety of projects in cooperation with foundations and other civil society organisations both nationally and internationally.

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