Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS)


Tasks and Objectives

The Institute for the German Language (IDS) in Mannheim has been in existence since 1964. It is the central extramural institute for research and documentation of the German language in its contemporary usage and in its recent history. As a member of the Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, the IDS is financed both by the federal government and by the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The institute consists of different departments and is mainly involved in long-term projects, meaning that work in larger research groups is an essential aspect.

  • Department of Grammar. The grammatical structure of present-day German is the object of research in the Grammar Department.
  • Department of Lexical Studies: The lexical existence of present-day German and its recent history is the object of research in the Lexis Department.
  • Department of Pragmatics: The Department of Pragmatics examines spoken German and the use of German in conversation.
  • li>Central Research: Research areas which essentially follow goals involving different departments are overseen by the director.
  • Academic services
  • Library: The IDS library is an open access library comprising a comprehensive collection of specialist literature on the German language (contemporary language in particular), on general linguistics and related linguistic disciplines. Reference stocks are at around 86,000 volumes including valuable first editions of dictionaries and encyclopedias as well as 240 current subscriptions of printed journals and around 1,360 licensed online journals encompassing all areas of linguistics. The library is also used by guest researchers from home and abroad, students at regional universities and citizens interested in language.
  • Public relations and documentation: Public relations, the press, publishing and documentation, the organization of conferences and the supervision of guest researchers and groups of visitors can all be found here. In addition, there is the editing of book publications of the Institute as well as the specialists journal "Deutsche Sprache" and the quarterly editions of the journal "SPRACHREPORT", which convey information and views on the German language beyond the professionals in the linguistic world.

Libraries, archives, documentation, machine-readable collections of texts and language databases are also available to external researchers.

With its lectures, conferences and colloquia, the Institute for the German Language is a place to meet and communicate for both domestic and foreign Germanists as well as all those interested in language.

In the "Verein der Freunde des Instituts für Deutsche Sprache" ("Association of the Friends of the Institute fort he German Language"), language friends from all walks of life, both private and public (businesses, publishers, book-shops, etc.), have united to support the academic work and cultural charisma of the IDS.



Institut für Deutsche Sprache


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