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In cooperation with YFU organisations in about 50 countries, the German Committee supports education towards democracy and social as well as intercultural responsibility. In order to achieve that, young people are given an opportunity to experience different cultures and perspectives by joining a host family. Each year, YFU sends 1,000 German students abroad while approximately 550 young people from abroad are welcomed to Germany. Since 1957, when YFU Germany was founded, it has helped roughly 60,000 young people spend a school year abroad. YFU is a charitable organisation and recognised as a provider of free youth aid.

The chance to spend a year abroad should not fail for financial reasons, therefore YFU allots a generous number of grants to young people who cannot afford the expenses of an exchange year on their own. Since 1984, YFU has also been a part of the "Parlamentarisches Patenschafts-Programm (PPP)" (Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange, CBYX), a scholarship programme initiated by the German Bundestag and the U.S. Congress.

YFU maintains a support network supervising host families who are responsible for board and lodging of exchange students. Host families do not necessarily have children of their own; single or working parents may also participate in the hosting programme.

YFU depends on its years of experience and on active former participants. In Germany, thousands of employees on an honorary basis are engaged in student exchanges. Many former exchange students and host families take on a large share of the work, be it support, the choosing of applicants or holding seminars. More than 5,000 members support YFU with their contributions and donations.

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