German Translators’ Fund

The German Translators’ Fund was founded in 1997. Its seat is the ‘Liter-arisches Colloquium Berlin’.

Its statutory purpose is to, 'promote the art of translating and therefore the creation of high-quality German-language versions of foreign literature, inter-national understanding, language culture and literary life'.

  • Twice every year the Fund grants scholarships and travel allowances to liter-ary translators.
  • Eligible for scholarships are translators of foreign publications into German if these works require high-level proficiency and creative literary translation skills.
  • For the first time in 2003, the Fund has sponsored resident working periods at the European Translators’ College in Straelen.
  • Another new scholarship programme is the Johann-Joachim-Christoph-Bode-Stipend, which finds mentors who will support translators with a particular translation project.


Deutscher Übersetzerfonds
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14109 Berlin
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