German Sport's Youth


The German Sport's Youth is the youth organisation of the German Sport's Confederation and arranges with its member organisations und subdivisions the sports programmes of children, youth and young people up to 27 years. With the internationale activities it makes a contribution to sports-related youth work, international understanding and the idea of peace.

It supports

the sports-related youth work as well as professional qualification and personal development via

  • getting to know each others sports-related situation thoroughly, especially of youth sports in the Federal Republic of Germany and in the respective partner country in terms of the level of development, forms and institutional embodiment of national sports cultures
  • examination of possibilities to provide mutual stimulus as well as support in the field of sports development
  • the international understanding via
  • promotion of contacts between countries, with different cultures and different levels of development, social structures and political systems
  • establishing of personal relations between young persons of different national origins
  • integration of young people from all over the world living in Germany
  • the education emphasising the idea of peace, promoting European awareness and supporting peace via
  • analysing the causes of conflict between countries with different social systems of different levels of development
  • strengthening the willingness and capacity to achieve international understanding between individuals, social groups and peoples as well as strengthening international cooperation
  • intensifying awareness of joint responsibility for creating and supporting an international democratic order based upon peace.

The German Sport's Youth is actively engaged in the fields Internationale Exchange Cooperation, Europe and Developmemt Cooperation and thus contributing to the development of international understanding and cooperation whereas on the one hand sport is a way of establishing international contacts, and on the other hand, it is the aim of international contacts of youth work with the partners abroad at sports organisation level.

German Sport's Youth


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