German-Russian Exchange


The German-Russian-Exchange (DRA) is a registered non-profit organisation founded in 1992. Since its foundation the DRA in cooperation with its partner organisation Nemecko-Russkij Obmen St. Petersburg as well as with numerous related organisations in Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine and Germany has been supporting citizens' initiatives, human rights organisations and NGOs in the social sector. Regarding political participation and the protection of Human and Civil Rights as an important fundament of each democratic society the DRA has its main priority on the support of civil society projects. 

As a non-profit organisation DRA is funded exclusively by donations, membership fees and project-related sources.


  • promoting the German-Russian dialogue as an important element for the development of the European civil society beyond the borders of the European Union
  • promoting mutual encounter, dialogue and co-operation between the people in Germany, Russia and other European countries as a partnership based on equal rights
  • supporting voluntary commitment to the enforcement of political, social and cultural rights and civic liberties

Priorities of the DRA's work are:

  • adult education and exchange programmes, that address themselves to journalists, teachers, professionalists of social work and staff members of public institutions
  • study trips, exchange events on special subjects, visiting tours and exchange programmes
  • providing expertise and advisory services to foundations, political actors and disseminators who are preparing exchange programmes with Eastern European countries or who are working in other fields of co-operation with Eastern European countries

DRA is a member of the 'Social Welfare Association of Parity in Germany' (Deutscher Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband), of the 'Federal Working Committee of Voluntary Service Agencies', (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Freiwilligenagenturen), of the 'Network Civic Committment of the Federal State of Berlin' (Berliner Landesnetzwerk Bürgerengagement) and of the 'Working Committee of Voluntary Service Agencies of the Federal State of Berlin' (Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Berliner Freiwilligenagenturen).

German-Russian Exchange


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