German National Committee for International Youth Work (DNK)


The German National Committee for International Youth Work (DNK), a syndicate of the German Federal Youth Council, the German Sport’s Youth and the Council of Political Youth, is representing the interests of the German youth organisations in the multilateral field. It works out agreements on joint international projects by the German Federal Youth Council and the Council of Political Youth but is not a coordinating agency for bilateral youth relations.

Activities in detail:

  • cooperation with the codetermination bodies of the youth institutions of the Council of Europe, the European Youth Centres (EYC) and the Youth Forum Yeunesse (YFJ); involvement in some bilateral and interregional activities of the Youth Forum Yeunesse
  • delegation of youth representatives to the United Nations General Assembly in New York
  • organisation of the meeting of the Bodensee Benelux Cooperation plus of Central and Western Europe youth councils
  • working with the youth organisations of the Baltic countries in the framework of the Baltic Youth Forum.


Deutsches Nationalkomitee für internationale Jugendarbeit
c/o Deutscher Bundesjugendring
Mühlendamm 3
10178 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 400 404 25
Fax: +49 (0)30 400 404 22