German Museums Association


The Deutscher Musemsbund e.V. (German Museums Asssociation, reg. ass.) represents the interests of all the German museums, regardless of their special field, and advises it's members as well as other public institutions, bodies and associations in all matters relating to museum organisation. The Museumsbund also publishes various print media and organises conferences and specialist meetings.

The German Museums Association is active in the following fields of cultural foreign policy:

  • It keeps in touch with foreign museums as a member of NEMO – Network of European Museums Organisations
  • functions as an information exchange
  • preparation of manuals for museums and museum personnel
  • gives information about important new literature
  • participates in advisory programmes on the problems related to the return of artistic/cultural war loot and the illegal trade with cultural artefacts
  • assists German and foreign museums in 'networking'

German Museums Association is partner of the EU project LEM The Learning Museum.

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German Museums Association


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