German Historical Institute Washington (DHI Washington)


The German Historical Institute Washington (DHI Washington) is an independent research institution and mandated by the Max Weber Foundation – German Institutes of Humanities Abroad. It does research on German-American relations and runs comparative studies especially in the fields of sociology as well as the history and historiography of America and Germany. Its special aim is to promote cooperation between German and American historians.

Research priorities:

  • German and American history
  • political, social, economic and cultural developments in both countries as they compare to international events, in particular in the 19th and 20th centuries
  • German-American relations and the part the two countries play in international relations


  • organising specialist conferences and other events
  • scholarships, prizes and seminars for experienced historians and graduates
  • giving assistance and grants to German and American researchers

The Institute publishes various book series, reference books and other publications, among others its semi-annual Bulletin.

The DHI Washington's reference library holds 40,000 volumes and circa 250 newspapers and magazines on history, politics, economy and culture. The library mainly collects works on American history published in Germany and on German regional history. In addition, the library acquires selected research publications on German and international comparative history and politics.

Periodical Publications

German Historical Institute Washington (DHI Washington)


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