German Historical Institute London (GHI London)


The German Historical Institute London (GHIL) is an independent research institute, part of the Max Weber Foundation - German Institutes of Humanities Abroad. The aims of the Institute are 1. Research into British history, comparative Anglo-German history and the history of Anglo-German relations and the British Empire and Commonwealth. 2. Supporting young researchers; 3. Promoting scholarly exchange and representing German history in Britain. A particular objective is to promote co-operation between German and British historians.

Main areas of research:


  • Expanding and maintaining the GHIL library, currently comprising ca. 75,000 volumes, 200 periodicals and access to several electronic data bases and periodicals
  • Conferences, lectures, debates, round-table discussions
  • Awarding PhD scholarships, research scholarships and prizes
  • Awarding the Gerda-Henkel Guest Professorship, in conjunction with the LSE
  • Publication of conference volumes, series, sources editions and twice yearly the GHIL Bulletin
  • Publication of a Podcast-series of GHIL lectures
  • Answering enquires from scholars, media and politicians

Periodical Publications

German Historical Institute London (GHI London)


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