German Federal Youth Council (DBJR)


The German Federal Youth Council (DBJR) is a working group of sixteen nation-wide youth federations, the Youth Council of the sixteen federal German states as well as six affiliated organisations.

The DBJR maintains bilateral relations with many foreign youth organisations, mainly in Western and Eastern Europe.

Its activities includes:

  • application and arrangement of subsidies of the state
  • obtaining of full time employed in public organisations for non-school youth work
  • insertion and representation of youth work interests in existing structures
  • perception of joint planning duties
  • demonstration of positions and determination in the publicity

As part of its international outreach, the DBJR joined hands with theCircle of Political Youth to form the German National Committee for International Youth Work (DNK) participating as a founder member of the European Youth Forum.

Periodical Publications

  • dbjr-Info (eight times a year)
  • youth politic (quaterly)
  • further materials
German Federal Youth Council (DBJR)


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