German Federal Film Board (FFA)


The German Federal Film Board (FFA) is an institution incorporated under public law. Its mandates includes:

  • enforcing measures to promote German cinema and to improve the structure of the German film industry
  • to support the national economic affairs of the film industry in Germany
  • to improve the foundations for the distribution and market-driven exploitation of the German cinema at home and its economic and cultural distribution abroad
  • to work towards alignment and coordination of the film support measures by the Federal Government and regional states

Its funding areas contains:

  • the production funding for full-length feature films (of at least 79 minutes) and for short films (of more than 15 minutes running time)
  • the script-funding
  • the distribution funding
  • the exhibition/cinema funding
  • the funding of video stores and video distributors
  • the allocation of grants for measures of vocational training of new artistic, technical and commercial recruits
  • the founding of measures to promote research, rationalisation and innovation
  • the financing of promotional measures for the German cinema at home and abroad as well as further activities.

The German Ferderal Film Board supports the institutions German Films as well as Vision Cinema and is responsible for the performance of the German Fund for Support of the German Film (DFFF).

Periodical Publications

  • FFA info
  • Annual Report
German Federal Film Board (FFA)


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