German Commission Justitia et Pax (Justice and Peace)


The German Commission Justitia et Pax (Justice and Peace) is a 'round table' of Catholic institutions and organisations active in the many international commitments of the German Catholic Church. The round table includes a number of bishops, of representatives of the Central Committee of German Catholics, executive staff members of the German Bishops' Conference and the Catholic Offices, representatives of Catholic organisations and, finally, experts on international politics.

The Commission acts in its own name. It has thirty members and runs working groups on development, peace and human rights. It also edits publications, holds conferences, consults and co-operates with other organisations (NGOs).

The German Commission is part of a loose international network of independent commissions. A particularly close co-operation has been set up among the European commissions which are joined together in European Conference Justice and Peace.

The German Commission is part of an international network of independent JP-Commmissions. Most European JP-Commissions have joined the European Conference Justitia et Pax, a forum of close cooperation and exchange of knowledge between the national JP-Commissions.

Activities in detail:

Justitia et Pax

  • endeavours to interlink committed Catholic 'activists' dealing with international question. Justitia et Pax acts as their mouthpiece in society and the world of politics
  • aims to contribute to keeping the global questions of justice and peace alive in the minds and hearts of German citizens
  • drafts suggestions by the Catholic Church for development, peace and human rights policy-making in Germany, on the basis of its teachings on social matters and peace between individuals and nations, and drawing on the many different experiences of Catholic organisations with international co-operation
  • is in constant dialogue with members of the Bundestag (German parliament), the government, party leaders and other public figures about questions relating to German development, peace and human rights policies
  • draws up concepts for the Church's commitment in these fields

Periodical Publications

Publication series Gerechtigkeit und Frieden (Justice and Peace)


Deutsche Kommission
Justitia et Pax
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