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The German Commission for UNESCO is Germany's intermediary organization for multilateral cooperation in education, science, culture and communication and a National Commission under Article VII of UNESCO's Constitution. As part of the German UNESCO policy, it contributes to international understanding and international cooperation. It coordinates the involvement of German experts and the German civil society in the elaboration of UNESCO programs and standards.

According to its statutes, the German Commission for UNESCO:

  • advises the Federal Government, the Bundestag and the other relevant bodies on all matters relating to the Federal Republic of Germany’s UNESCO membership
  • shapes Germany's membership in UNESCO with contributions to international understanding and international relations
  • in keeping with UNESCO’s peace building mission, contributes to a cosmopolitan and sustainable knowledge society in Germany
  • promotes international understanding, open mindedness and cultural commitment of young people through international meetings and exchanges
  • informs the public about the aims and work of the Commission
  • raises funds for the tax-exempt purposes of UNESCO

Since the 11 July 1951 Germany is a Member of UNESCO. The German Commission for UNESCO was founded a year earlier on 12 May 1950, and became the the legal successor of the UNESCO Commission of the German Democratic Republic on 3 October 1990. As an intermediary organization for cultural relations and educational policy the German Commission for UNESCO is funded by the Federal Foreign Office.

UNESCO is the only UN Agency to have a global network of national cooperating bodies known as National Commissions for UNESCO. National Commissions make part of the overall constitutional architecture of the Organization. Presently, there are 199 National Commissions for UNESCO across the world. .

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