German Cities’ Conference (DST)


The Deutscher Städtetag (DST, German Cities' Conference) has the following functions:

  • to represent-proactively-the municipal self-government of German local authorities at the level of the federal government, Bundestag (parliament), Bundesrat (upper house), the European Union and other agencies and organisations
  • to advise its members (i.e. local authorities) and to inform them about relevant events and developments
  • to promote exchanges between its members in a great number of committees and meetings

The DST entertains a wide network of international relations. It is a member of the German Section of the International Union of Local Authorities (IULA) and of the Council of European Local and Regional Authorities (CELRA).

DST members entertain ca. 3,000 partnerships with towns and cities in 52 countries around the globe. The German Foreign Office's Department of Culture makes special funds available for cultural activities within the framework of such partnerships and the DST has commissioned the German CELRA Section to administer and pay out the subsidies, exclusively intended for cultural activities-such as concerts, drama and dance performances and exhibitions-organised jointly by any two city partners. Local (communal) funding of at least EUR 1,000 is the prerequisite for further subsidies from this endowment. Events already financed by other federal departments and agencies are barred from DST subsidies. Promotional funds should be used for joint cultural projects with countries which would not be able to finance them without help from outside.

See also:

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German Cities’ Conference (DST)


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