German-American Institute Tübingen (d.a.i.)


The German-American Institute (d.a.i.) is a bi-national forum for German-American cultural exchange providing information and discussion on the differences and the similarities, the culture and language, the society and politics of the two countries.

Here you can ...

  • participate in an ambitious cultural programme with lectures, readings, workshops, concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions
  • take qualified English and Spanish lessons taught by natice speakers, from beginners' courses to refreshers and even Business English at the highest level
  • enjoy a library with over 10,000 English language volumes – from bestseller novel to travel guide – and 50 American magazines and newspapers as well as a large selection of American movies and documentaries on DVD, CDs with jazz, blues, and folk music, audio books, and language learning programs
  • get information on living, working, studying and more in the USA
  • take part in training programs for English teachers in conjunction with universities in the USA and other English speaking countries
  • join trips to the USA (to New Orleans, New York and other places)
  • participate in an English language learning summer camp in Germany or the USA
  • participate in Rent an American, a program, that brings US students into German classrooms
  • find out more about German-American contacts in Baden-Württemberg

The d.a.i. is a non-profit organisation supported by the Federal State Baden-Württemberg, the Federal Foreign Office, and the city of Tübingen. It is also supported by the cultural department of the American Embassy and by its more than 1,200 members.

German-American Institute Tübingen (d.a.i.)


Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Tübingen (d.a.i.)
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