Fritz Thyssen Foundation (FTS)


The statutory agenda of the Foundation is the direct financial support of scientific endeavours at universities and research institutions, mainly in Germany, with special emphasis on promoting young scientists at the beginning of their professional lives.

The Fritz Thyssen Foundation subsidises scientific projects that comply with its regulations and priorities in the following fields:

  • history, language and culture
  • 'image and imagery'
  • state, economy and society
  • international relations'
  • medicine and natural sciences

    • The Foundation supports in particular:

      • science graduates / young professionals
      • research projects over clearly defined limited periods
      • smaller scientific colloquia
      • specific international scholarship and exchange programmes
      • publication of reports from the research projects it subsidised

      The Foundation welcomes the inclusion and involvement of foreign scientists with their different approaches in the projects it supports.

      The Foundation organises scientific symposia and lecture programmes and has planned and implemented a number of pilot programmes for the promotion of exceptionally gifted young scientists.

      Periodical Publications

      Annual Report

Fritz Thyssen Foundation (FTS)


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