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The liberally oriented Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is engaged internationally in promoting democracy, lawful governance, tolerance and human rights as well as the protection of ethnic minorities. It aims to put liberal ideas and ideals up for public discussion and to promote liberalism and freedom in Germany and around the globe.

  • One of FNF's primary concerns is political education in Germany. The FNF operates the Theodor Heuss Academy in Gummersbach and an office in Berlin-Brandenburg and runs its nation-wide educational programme from regional offices in Halle, Hanover, Gummersbach, Lübeck, Munich, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden.
  • The FNF's Virtual Academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg complements the field-programmes through online seminars.
  • Foreign commitments: The FNF is active in almost 60 countries to support democratic developments and human rights, e.g. in Central, south-eastern and Eastern Europe, in Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa and Latin America.
  • In addition, the FNF supports the establishment of market-economic structures and assists liberal partners in developing individual solutions to their problems.
  • The FNF's grants for exceptionally gifted students are available to German and foreign students at and graduates from German universities, provided applicants meet the stipulated criteria (i.e. exceptional talent and achievements, good conduct and commitment to/involvement in liberal politics) and pass the selection procedure.
  • The Archive of Liberalism has been collecting and cataloguing material since 1945: comprehensive files, printed matter, posters and other promotion materials, photographs, films and videos.

The Liberal Institute of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom focuses its work on dealing with fundamental political issues as for instance: How can liberals master the challenges of the present? Which role can liberal ideas and principles play in the process of creating the future?

The FNF and its partners organise international conferences, expert symposia, lectures and panel discussions (e.g. Transatlantic and International Political Dialogues).

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Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom


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