Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES)


The Friedrich Ebert Foundation's (FES) work comprises the fields of political education, international cooperation, tuitional funding, archive and libraries.

FES's core activities are:

  • political education at 16 regional and federal FES-offices nationwide as well as in the two FES's main offices based in Berlin and Bonn
  • expert conferences on current topics of civic society, social policy and economic policy
  • courses and seminars on a wide multiplicity of political topics provided on a nationwide level

The FES's work in the field of political education is organised via a nationwide network consisting of offices and academies of political education, public discussion forums, core projects in the field of political education and the conference centers in Berlin and Bonn.

In addition the FES holds congresses and conferences in its conference centers in Bonn and Berlin. Core area is the field of "International Co-operation" comprising the following main issues: economic policy, human rights, development policy, media, trade unions, environment, women, international relations, promotion of democracy.

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Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES)


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