Fraunhofer Association for Applicational Research


As the leading agency for practice-oriented research in Germany, the Fraunhofer Association carries out research projects on commission from industrial and service corporations as well as from federal and regional authorities.

Federal ministries and other federal and regional authorities not only commission, but also fund seminal research in the fields of communications, energy, micro-electronics, industrial production, traffic/transport and the environment-the findings of which contribute to innovations in the public domain and in key technologies.

Activities abroad or relevant for foreign countries:

  • research projects carried out abroad
  • practice-oriented research projects individually commissioned according to governmental and ministerial agreements
  • establishment of Research Centres and Representations abroad
  • scientist exchanges with foreign research institutions
  • working with industrial syndicates, in the framework of EU technical programmes, on the solution to technical problems geared to improving the competitive power of the European Union.

Periodical Publications

Fraunhofer Association for Applicational Research


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