Max Weber Foundation – German Institutes of Humanities Abroad (DGIA)


The foundation aims at the promotion of research with the main focus on the areas of the science of history, culture, economics and social sciences in selected countries, and it encourages the mutual understanding between Germany and these countries.

With this agenda the foundation maintains ten research institutes abroad.

Furthermore it is able to foster projects leading to the creation of new institutes as well as accompanying projects.

The foundation supports the activities of the institutes at home and abroad. This applies in particular to cooperation between the institutes and German universities and independent research facilities as well as the academic establishment of the host countries. The foundation also advances cooperation among organisations for the promotion of sciences and industry in Germany und the European Union. is the international cross-epochal online publication platform for the institutes of the "Foundation of German Humanities Institutes Abroad" (DGIA) and their respective cooperation partners. The objective of is to offer barrier-free access to selected academic findings of the institutes abroad: based on the open-access principle academic communication shall be advanced and intensified. provides texts originally published in electronic form as well as print publications presented in a retro-digitalised form. Journals, reviews, monographs and conference proceedings searchable in full text and via metadata are available on in constantly rising quantitie.

Information and other service for the institutes form another priority.

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Max Weber Foundation – German Institutes of Humanities Abroad (DGIA)


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