Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation (FGPC)


The Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation (FGPC) is an institution under Polish law which has been providing funds for projects since 1991. These funds make it possible for German and Polish organizers to carry out various projects together. The foundation is based in Warsaw; however, all its issues are decided through an equal co-determination of Polish and German bodies. Until 2001, the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation promoted the German-Polish cultural heritage through a high financial commitment. Monuments, churches and castles have thus been protected from deterioration and meeting places have been established. Since 2002, the FGPC is concerned with project investments which serve the purpose of meeting and the collaborating of people from Germany and Poland.

Key Aspects:

The key aspects of the FGPC include projects created in partnership at the communal level as well as the strengthening of scientific co-operation. Furthermore, cultural cooperation and all aspects of information exchange, which contribute to an improvement of the standard of knowledge and media coverage about each country as well as German-Polish ties are of prime concern for the activities of the Foundation. For this purpose, the FGPC finances projects which are implemented in Poland and/or in Germany by Polish and German partners together. The maximum single aid amount for an applicant totals to 80.000 PLN (or € 20.000).

At the same time, the FGPC assists with 60 per cent of the overall costs of a project. Grant applications for up to 10.000 PLN (or up to €2.5000) can be made continuously, however, not later than two months prior to project commencement. Grant applications exceeding 10.000 PLN (or up to €2.500) will be accepted solely on a bi-monthly basis and at appointed deadlines. All current deadlines are available at the FGPC website.

Promotion of over 650 projects annually in Germany and Poland

By promoting around 650 projects annually, the FGPC contributes to a continual development and reinforcement of the bilateral co-operation of the two countries. Through its work, it also raises the awareness that a German-Polish dialogue is an important contribution to the preservation and care of the common cultural heritage in Europe. In addition to its supportive activities, operational work of the FGPC is increasingly gaining importance. In this context the FGPC provides several Scholarship Programmes for journalists, scientists in the Polish language and culture and artists.

Furthermore the FGPC issues its own internetportal "Point." ( that provides the German-Polish Calendar, the interactive German-Polish Map ( indicating the most important institutes involved in the German-Polish cultural exchange and lots of further information.

Since 2008 the FGCP in co-operation with the Robert-Bosch-Foundation organises the German-Polish Media Days (

Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation (FGPC)


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