Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)


The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) is responsible for the management of asylum procedure, the promotion of integration, the research of migration, the covering of refugees and the furtherance of voluntary return.

To its activities belongs

In the field of asylum procedure/immigration:

  • the decision about asylum applications and protection of refugees against deportation
  • the interests of Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet states
  • For foreigners who want return voluntarily in their home country there are multifarious propositions of Assisted Return.

In the field of integration:

  • realisation of integration courses for immigrants
  • promotion of social and corporate rehabilitation for ethnic German resettlers and foreigners
  • development of a national integration programme

The intention of the integration course is the acquisition of an adequate knowledge of the German language and the medium of cognition about the daily life as well as the knowledge of the legal system, the culture and history in Germany, in particular of the values of the democratic political system of the Federal Republic of Germany and the principles of constitutional legality, equality, tolerance and religious liberty.

By order of the Federal Office the Goethe Institute organises pilot seminars for the qualification of teachers in German as a second language (DaZ).

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees develops relevant information materials both immigrants and aliens departments. Further instructions of the Federal Office is to control the central register of foreigners and to accomplish academic research in the field of migration for getting analytic conclusions about the control of the immigration.


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