Federal Cultural Foundation


The Federal Cultural Foundation is one of the largest, publicly funded cultural foundations in Europe. With an annual budget of 35 million euros, financed through the Federal Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs, the Foundation has supported around 2,000 projects of contemporary culture over the past ten years.

In the area of General Project Funding, artists and cultural producers can apply for funding to support projects in all artistic fields, provided these take place in an international context and offer new artistic impulses. Funding can be granted to all artistic genres, e.g. the fine and performing arts, literature, music, dance, film, photography, architecture and new media. 

The Federal Cultural Foundation is committed to exploring the cultural dimension of societal developments, for which it develops its own programmes and events, e.g. The Undead and The Future of Cultural Memory. In the first ten years of operation, its programmes have directed attention to important issues of our time, for example, Shrinking Cities, Migration, Dance Plan, Home Game Fund (new urban themes in theatre), Central and Eastern Europe, and the Future of Labour.

Through its Art of Education programme, the Federal Cultural Foundation strives to provide as many people as possible access to art and culture. These projects put new forms of education to the test and aim to strengthen the sense of responsibility in society. The New Music Network, the model programme An Instrument for Every Child, Culture Agents for Creative Schools and the Dance Partner Fund are just some of the programmes which have initiated important developments in the field of cultural education.

Its current programmes promote artistic exchange and cooperation between German and African artists and institutions (TURN Fund) and support museums in Germany with presenting knowledge and networking on an international scale (International Museum Fellowship). The Humboldt Lab Dahlem explores new methods for presenting ethnological collections and non-European artworks. The Doppelpass Fund specialises in supporting cooperative projects between independent groups and standing theatres of dance and dramatic arts. And with the New Länder Fund, the Federal Cultural Foundation supports art and cultural organisations in the new German states which encourage citizen involvement in culture at the local and regional level.

The Foundation constantly motivates its partners and interested institutions to focus on environmental issues and sustainable working methods. Its programme focus on the Culture of Sustainability has supported a number of projects, including several initiated by the Foundation itself (e.g. Über Lebenskunst), which have examined these subjects in depth.

In addition to promoting contemporary art and culture, the Foundation is also committed to cultivating Germany’s cultural heritage and addressing the challenges which come with preserving and presenting cultural assets (Dance Heritage Fund, Motion Bank, KUR Programme to Preserve and Restore Mobile Cultural Assets, and numerous projects on the culture of remembrance). 

The Federal Cultural Foundation provides funding to outstanding cultural institutions and festivals for several years at a time so that their planned activities are on sound financial footing. These large-scale, internationally renowned projects include the documenta in Kassel, the Berlin Theatertreffen, the Donaueschingen Festival, the Dance Congress, the Berlin Biennale and the transmediale. Institutional funding is provided to the independently managed cultural funds – the Arts Fund Foundation, German Literature Fund, Sociocultural Fund, Performing Arts Fund and the German Translator Fund.

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