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The bilateral 'German-Czech Fund for the Future' was established as a result of the German-Czech Declaration of 1997 to promote understanding between Germans and Czechs. Initiated to increase the number of encounters and to extend the forms of bilateral co-operation by supporting common projects, after ten years of successful co-operation between the neighbour countries projects to promote mutual understanding between German and Czechs were still in high demand. So in 2007 the governments of both countries reached an agreement to extend their bilateral co-operation within the framework of the 'German-Czech Fund for the Future' by another ten years.

The 'German-Czech Fund for the Future' supports:

  • German-Czech Youth- and school students-exchange
  • bilateral cultural projects
  • joint German-Czech publications
  • preservation of historical buildings/monuments
  • fora of bilateral dialogue and congresses
  • scholarships
  • transnational encounters promoting the German-Czech partnership
  • social projects supporting marginal groups and minorities

In acknowledgement of their excruciating destinies and suffering the 'German-Czech Fund for the Future' between 1998 and 2007 spent € 46 Mio. to finance humanitarian assistance to the Holocaust victims (social project) in the Czech Republic. For humanitarian assistance to the victims of forced labour and slavery in the Third Reich the 'German-Czech Fund for the Future' made available € 260 Mio. provided by the German Federal Foundation "Erinnerung, Verantwortung, Zukunft" ('Remembrance, Responsibility, Future') and the Austrian "Fonds für Versöhnung, Frieden und Zusammenarbeit" ('Fund for Reconciliation, Peace and Co-operation').

The remaining funds of approx. € 38 Mio. till 2017 are reserved for future-oriented projects in the fields of youth exchange, general cultural exchange, geriatric care, monument preservation and the welfare of ethnic minorities.

One of the most important projects of the Fund is the forum for 'German-Czech Dialogue' - the co-ordination council of which (president and 10 delegates of each country) which meets twice a year.

Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfond


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