Erich-Brost-Institute for International Journalism



In 1991, journalist and publisher Erich Brost founded an institute for international journalism based in Dortmund. The institute was meant to „help create an independent journalism in Europe through its scientific and educational work and hence foster peace among the nations“, with a focus on these areas:

  • Research on international jounalism with an emphasis on Europe:
    Comparative studies on international cultures of journalism and media systems as well as on innovations in international communication processes and in international journalism.
  • Forum for the exchange on international topics in journalism:
    Building of networks between academics and practitioners through international projects, conferences and talks given by guest lecturers, with the aim of providing an international perspective. The premises at Erich Brost House can also be rented by multinational working groups, for international events, receptions or smaller exhibitions.
  • Internationalisation of the education of journalists:
    The professorship for International Journalism at the Institute for Journalism at Dortmund Technical University is held by the Erich Brost Institute’s academic leadership.
  • Documentation:
    There is a collection of studies, scientific essays and handbooks on topics relevant to the field of journalism available at the Erich Brost House.


Erich-Brost-Institut für internationalen Journalismus
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