Deutsches Polen-Institut e.V.


The Deutsches Polen-Institut (German Institute of Polish Studies) in Darmstadt is a centre for research and information on Polish culture, history and politics, society and the German-Polish relationship.

The work of the German Institute of Polish Studies contributes to the deepening of the mutual knowledge of the cultural, intellectual and social life of the Polish and German people.

The goal of the Institute is to draw the attention of decision makers and advisers in politics, culture, education, administration, media and economy to the issues of Germany's eastern neighbours by promoting practice-oriented projects and publishing books and papers on science, research and education.

Activities in detail:

Theory and practice:

The connection of science, research and practice with public scientific conventions and seminars, public workshops and private study groups is one of the basic fields of activity of the Institute. The Institute takes efforts to develop towards a centre of cooperation and networking for Polish Studies in Germany. For further information see:


One of the main goals of the Institute is to publish exceptional written works of Polish culture, history, politics and society in order to make them better known among German readers. One example is the publication series "Thought and Knowledge" that includes important works of Polish philosophers, sociologists, political scientists and others still little known in Western Europe

Cultural Events:

Exhibitions, public readings, lectures, musical performances, and panel discusssions organised by the Institute contribute to the enrichment of the cultural life in the Rhine-Main-Area as well as in Berlin, Leipzig, Warsaw amongst others.

Specialized library and archive:

The holdings of the Institute's library consist of around 61.000 volumes, among them a unique collection of Polish literature and its German translations. This makes the Institute a highly appreciated place for research and scientific work.

The institute was opened in March 1980 and founded by the city of Darmstadt, the German federal states of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate and by the Federal Republic of Germany. Since 1987 its work is financed by the ministers of education of the German federal states as well. Funds from private foundations and enterprises play an important role in financing the work of the Institute.

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