Deutscher Frauenrat e.V. (DF)


The WZ-GD offers the facilities and services of the Scientific Centre for the promotion of science and its organisations, for the promotion of scientific and technological research and teaching, for the promotion of young scientific and technical talents and of international scientific relations.


  • equality for women in all areas of society
  • safeguarding democracy
  • international understanding
  • international cooperation

Main fields of activities or study subjects:

  • improving the chances for women in politics
  • improving the situation for young working girls and women
  • improving the compatibility of working and raising a family for both men and women
  • independent social insurance schemes for married women
  • drafting the Federal Women's Plan to ensure the financial viability of the work of women's associations
  • building up a network to link women's associations in eastern Germany (the new federal regions)
  • Women and history
  • Women and Europe
  • Women and development policies

The German Women's Council is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

Periodical Publications:

Frauenrat (every two months only in German)

Deutscher Frauenrat e.V. (DF)


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