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Deutsche Welle Germany’s international broadcaster carries out its public service mission while remaining journalistically independent. Comprising DW-TV, DW-RADIO, DW-WORLD.DE and the DW-AKADEMIE, DW is Germany’s global calling card throughout the world:

Producing TV, radio and Internet services in 30 languages for overseas listeners. Offering a German view as well as alternative perspectives on the issues of the day. Promoting intercultural dialogue and working to further international understanding and tolerance.

Communicating the values of democracy and supporting human rights. Reporting independently, comprehensively and truthfully and representing all viewpoints. Providing comprehensive and uncensored information to countries that lack free media, particularly crisis regions and war zones.

  • Presenting culture from Germany and Europe.
  • Passing on its know-how to partners throughout the world.
  • The DW business
  • DW TV: Programmes in German and English with additional scheduling in Arabic and Spanish.
  • DW RADIO: Programmes in 30 languages – German, English, Chinese and Russian, Serbian, Amharic, Hindi and others.
  • DW-WORLD.DE: Multimedia website in 30 languages, principally English, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • German Language Courses

DW offers mono and bi-lingual courses for beginners and advanced learners. The service includes specials for learners and teachers, including pdf-files and a wide range of items for podcasting ready for download on DW-WORLD.DE.


DW reaches more than 90 millions listeners and viewers every week.

Deutsche Welle


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