Standing Conference of the Ministers of Culture and Education of the Federal German States (KMK) – Plenum, Committees and Commissions


The Plenum (Ministerial Conference) of the Council of Ministers of Culture and Education of the Federal German States (KMK) comprises the sixteen federal German states with a total of 33 education, research and cultural departments. The Plenum deals with matters of regional cultural politics with national relevance with a view to reaching common decisions and to representing common interests at national level.

International relations in cultural and educational political affairs are discussed in the following main committees:

  • the School Committee deals with basic questions concerning all types of primary and secondary as well as professional training schools, also in relation to the effects on European cooperation (e.g. bilingual secondary schools).
  • the Committee for University and Research is appropriate for matters regarding university education.
  • the Cultural Committee is responsible for the promotion of culture in general through film, television, theatre, museums, music, the fine arts - including universities, colleges, academies of art and music -, monument preservation, adult education and libraries/archives.

Alongside there are numerous subcommittees.

The Commission for International Affairs and the Commission for EU Affairs have the tasks of advising and coordinating in the domain of the Council of Ministers of Culture and Education in the European and international field, in particular

  • ensuring that the KMK takes a united stand on matters discussed by EU commissions and other international bodies and organisations
  • evaluating the work of the latter
  • ensuring that the states of the Federal Republic of Germany are represented on such EU and international committees
  • working with the Federal (national) government in managing and promoting Germany's international cultural relations


Ständige Konferenz der Kultusminister der Länder in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

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