Carl Duisberg Centres


The Carl Duisberg Centres (CDC) are non-profit service providing institutes in the field of international professional further training and professional qualification. By means of a comprehensive network of international branch offices and partners the CDC provide offers of further training in the field of foreign languages and intercultural competences, working placements abroad and by imparting specialised knowledge.

Moreover CDC-Institutes operate as cooperation partners in educational projects across national boundaries on behalf of enterprises and public institutions.

The CDCs offer

  • language training for every language and level, general and specialised
  • language holidays world-wide for teenagers, students and young professionals
  • Carl Duisberg High School Year: school attendance in the USA, Canada, New Zealand ...
  • Carl Duisberg Boarding School Program: boarding schools in the USA, Canada, and Great Britain
  • university programmes for foreign students in Germany
  • management training: education and further training programmes for foreign professionals/specialists and managerial staff
  • intercultural training: preparing employees of German companies for their deployment in, and jobs dealing with, foreign countries
  • professional qualification, technical training
  • study tours: organising special-interest study tours for groups of foreign professionals
  • international consulting service for foreign partners in the field of education and further training: advising foreign governments, institutions and firms on the further development and introduction of professional training systems in technical/trade professions and business administration.


Carl Duisberg Centres
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