The Bundesarchiv receives documents that are created by central authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany (since 1949), the German Democratic Republic (1949-1990), the zones of occupation (1945-1949), the Reich (1867/71) and the Deutscher Bund (1815-1866) and makes it available.

It is within the Bundesarchiv`s responsibility to decide upon the permanent value of the documents, to describe, arrange and classify them appropriately, to make them accessible and to preserve them. Furthermore, the archival documents are exploited for scholarly publications and exhibitions. Subject to the Law on the Preservation and Use of Federal Archival Documents the archival material is accessible to everybody for inspection and use.

The Bundesarchiv collects papers of private persons as well as records of political parties, associations and societies of national importance. At the same time the Bundesarchiv serves as German film archives.

Activities relating to foreign countries:

  • fostering relations with foreign national archives and international archive associations/organisations
  • information and further training for archivists from other countries


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