BüroKopernican Turn - German-Polish Cultural Projects


Texts, projects, and materials on German-Polish cultural exchange 2004–2006:

From 2004 to 2006 Büro Kopernikus, an initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung des Bundes) carried out numerous cultural projects that artists and art professionals from Germany and Poland had jointly developed with a view to long-lasting and intensive collaboration.

The projects addressed current and specific needs and questions, and often took place away from the two countries’ large urban centres.

The website BüroKopernican Turn structures the various projects, materials, and texts into thematic blocks. It is available in German, Polish, and English, and contains information on the 22 projects that Büro Kopernikus carried out, further readings, an artists database and much more.

The "magazine" part of the online publication features specifically commissioned texts on some of Büro Kopernikus’ core themes. They deal with the metropolises of Berlin and Warsaw, the German traces in Gda?sk, the Euroregions Pomerania and Baltic, and the situation on the Polish-Ukrainian border; post-industrial Upper Silesia is scrutinised just as closely as the most recent developments in the Polish economy; yet other articles look at the relation between Polish media and politics and at feminism in Poland.

BüroKopernican Turn - German-Polish Cultural Projects


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