Auslandsgesellschaft Nordrhein-Westfalen

Purpose/ Activities

The Institute for International Relations North-Rhine-Westphalia was founded as a result of a civic initiative established by a dedicated group of people. It was borne out of the trauma of the Second World War and sustained by a desire for understanding. These roots shape its goals up to this day: dedication to international understanding between peoples in the spirit of humanity and tolerance.

As a civil movement and institution involved in political education it strengthens democracy and civil society, promotes a deeper understanding for political and intercultural relations and supports individuals in forming their own political will by developing the ability to judge political events autonomously.

Priorities of the Institute's socio-political engagement are in the fields of:

  • immigration and integration, democracy and remembrance, European and international politics
  • events with an intercultural and political focus (discussion forums, conferences, exhibitions, nation-focussed seminars)
  • specialist study and political information seminars abroad
  • study and language trips worldwide
  • High-School visits and work placements abroad
  • international youth exchange programmes
  • European Volontary Service

Associated to the Institute for International Relations North-Rhine-Westphalia is the Institut für politische Bildung (Institute for Political Education), a public institution of the federal State of North-Rhine-Westphalia.

Activities in detail:

  • 28 bilateral 'circles' and associations with partner countries from Egypt to Hungary; fields of priority: Western, Northern, Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Middle East, Far East
  • journeys & exchange: seminars, language courses, study trips, international internship programme, youth exchange and High-School students' exchange programmes
  • events: lectures, exhibitions, workshops and discussion fora at home and abroad
  • seminars: seminars for political education and on international politics; topics: immigration and integration, globalisation, democracy and remembrance, European and international politics
  • projects

Periodical Publications

  • Bridges (annual)
  • Political and cultural Events (biannual)
  • Study and language trips (biannual)


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