Alexander von Humboldt Foundation


The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation promotes academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from abroad and from Germany. The research fellowships and research awards allow scientists and scholars from abroad to come to Germany to work on a research project of their own choice together with a host and collaborative partner. The Foundation cultivates the relationships ensuing from these visits.

The Humboldt Foundation

  • arranges the exchange of academics as part of foreign cultural and educational policy
  • strengthens cutting-edge research through internationalisation
  • makes it possible for individuals who provide an impetus for the research location, Germany, to spend time researching here
  • promotes development by sponsoring cooperation with researchers from threshold and developing countries
  • provides mobility counselling for researchers from abroad in the context of its European activities, even if they are not Humboldtians themselves

By these scholars supported from the Humbold Foundation, a worldwide network of excellence has grown up over the last decades, comprising people who have a special relationship to the Humboldt Foundation, to Germany and to each other.

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