Pro Europe - European Foundation for Culture


The Foundation advances vitalised dialogue between the European countries and the culture exchange in Europe. Thereby the cultural diversity and the creative autonomy of the European states and religious is very important.

For attainment of this aims the foundation is engaged in the following areas:

  • realisation of events
  • awards for outstanding cultural initiatives
  • encouragement of innovative projects of individuals, groups and institutions
  • furtherance of young artists by European and regional awards
  • awarding of scholarships, grants for competition and master courses
  • enabling of expositions and concert appearance to assist the recipients and to encourage them in creativity and remarkable effort

Every year the foundation awards the European cultural prizes for extraordinaire activities, initiatives and cultural work.

With not remunerated prizes high-ranking persons are decorated who rendered outstanding services to the European culture.

With remunerated prizes young artists are decorated who showed genial competence and superior ability.


Pro Europa - Europäsche Kulturstiftung
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