PETRA - European Platform for Literary Translation


PETRA stands for European Platform for Literary Translation. PETRA brings together the initiatives and expertise of organisations active in the field of literary translation in Europe, on both a national and a transnational level: translators' and authors' organisations, literary organisations and networks, policy making bodies and organisations dealing with education, publishing and copyright.

On the occasion of the Etats généraux du Multilinguisme held in Paris in September 2008, an appeal was launched under the heading More than a Single Language. It called for a wider vision of translation and the creation of an ambitious European translation programme.

A few months later, in April 2009, at the conference Literary and Cultural Translation organised in Brussels by the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, the President of the Commission, made clear his determination to enhance the status of the practice of translation.

PETRA takes up the challenge and will draw up a European action plan that will change the status of literary translation and the situation of literary translators. It is not just a matter of convincing Europe’s political decision-makers, but of addressing the decision-makers in all the member states.

PETRA is steered by five organisations: the Literarisches Colloquium (Berlin), Passa Porta (Brussels), the Polish Book Institute (Krakow), Transeuropéennes (Paris) and the Slovak Literary Translators’ Society (Bratislava); they carry the project in respect of content and budget and Passa Porta, the project initiator, coordinates their efforts.

The so-called ‘associated partners’ are the organisations that, from the very start, provided assistance to the steering organisations. The critical but constructive comments they provide are very helpful.

There is a contact partner in each country represented in PETRA that coordinates PETRA's activities within that land.


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