Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO)


NEMO is the Network of European Museum Organisations. It is made up of museum organisations within the countries of the European Union as well as representatives from the countries associated with the EU.

The activities of NEMO are:

  • to provide information to museums on relevant EU initiatives and other issues of importance
  • to promote the role and importance of museums to European policy makers
  • to encourage the exchange of information between museums and museum organisations throughout Europe
  • to organise meetings and liaison with relevant officials of the European Commission and representatives of the European Parliament, as well as with other key representatives in the EU
  • to give responses to policy issues such as copyright, funding programmes, statistics, and the role of museums
  • to arrange meetings with other groups of the European Union, such as with representatives of countries, Commission Directorates and allied bodies
  • to provide liaison with other organisations and networks having similar interests in culture

NEMO has an informal structure. It communicates through its newsletter NEMO-News, its website and an annual meeting with representatives from member countries.


Network of European Museum Organisations
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