LabforCulture, a Laboratory for sharing resources and knowledge, was initiated by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and other leading European cultural organisations in response to research which showed an urgent need for better information provision and stimulation in the field of European cultural cooperation. LabforCulture is an independent project with its own management and governance structure, under the legal and financial umbrella of the ECF.

It aims to be the central resource for European cultural cooperation by proactively:

  • encouraging the sharing of information, resources, analysis, commentary, opportunities
  • stimulating and encouraging transnational European discussion, debate, participation
  • initiating, supporting and disseminating selected research in the field
  • ensuring a coordinated approach to information management

LabforCulture provides information on:

  • cultural cooperation in broader Europe
  • transnational cultural exchange
  • cultural debate and news
  • research studies on European cultural cooperation

LabforCulture is aimed at all those who work, participate or are interested in cultural cooperation in the broader Europe including:

  • artists and arts organisations
  • cultural operators
  • research bodies
  • policy makers
  • funders and foundations


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